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Frequently Asked Questions

A smoke-free ordinance will protect the health of every resident in Atlanta by eliminating the exposure of secondhand smoke in all workplaces and public spaces. Everyone will breathe easier, and this will create safer, healthier environments for everyone who lives, works, and visits our city.

Service industry employees, along with musicians and entertainers, breathe more secondhand smoke while at work than any other type of employee, and can suffer from many of the same illnesses as smokers.

The 2010 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report, How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease, verifies that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke and that ventilation cannot eliminate exposure of nonsmokers to secondhand smoke.

The U.S. Surgeon General, the Executive Director of the Centers for Disease Control and officials from the Morehouse School of Medicine, as well as other members of the public health community, have voiced their disapproval of the designated smoking areas.

  • Millions of people who travel through and work at the airports are unnecessarily exposed to secondhand smoke.
  • Ventilated smoking rooms do not eliminate the carcinogens found in secondhand smoke. Eliminating smoking is the only way to fully protect everyone’s right to breathe smoke-free air.

There are now at least 613 smoke-free airports, and the list is growing all the time. Some of the major smoke-free airports include:

  • Los Angeles International
  • Chicago O’Hare
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport
  • John F. Kennedy International
  • San Francisco International
  • Charlotte-Douglas International
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International
  • George Bush Intercontinental in Houston
  • Seattle Tacoma International
  • Newark Liberty International
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul International
  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County
  • Logan International
  • Philadelphia International
  • La Guardia Airport
  • Reagan-Washington National

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